Smarter dragging

It's quite recently that I got serious about javascript. As I started to learn javascript, the first thing I thought was it's absolutely different from development based on GUI toolkit.

In android development, I could create custom View overriding View class and I was given onDraw() method for re-rendering.

In Flex development, I can create custom component overriding UIComponent class and I was given updateDisyplayList() method.

But when it comes to HTML and javascript development, it seems to me I was given no such stuff. So I wondered how I could manage timing of re-rendering.

For example, it's not good idea to do some process with event handling, since mouseover event can be fired more than once a rendering cycle.

window.onmousemove = function () {
  // dom manipulating and some process

Now that javascript has requestAnimationFrame method, I was granted the way to manage with making a flag isDirty

window.onmousemove = function () {
  if (isDirty) {
  isDirty = true;
  requestAnimationFrame(function (){
    // update here
    isDirty = false;

I'm going to put here a test app for dragging and animation. It won't work with IE since IE have yet to implement CSS transitions.

I found javascript quite cool and productive in so far as application is tiny like this.

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